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Introducing Les Mills Smart Steps – the next big step in group fitness technology

The Les Mills SMARTSTEP™!This scientifically re-engineered step enables cutting-edge equipment technology to be partnered with world-leading group fitness programs such as CXWORX™, BODYPUMP™, BODYSTEP™ and the LES MILLS GRIT™ Series.

Your members can leap confidently and lie comfortably. They can even increase resistance by using it on an incline.

Key features:
•The strong, durable design is made with wear and tear in mind – it’s proven to withstand at least 2.4 million step ups.
•With improved riser engagement, users benefit from increased stability. So they can more confidently step (or leap) their way to increased fitness.
•The riser ‘lock in’ system allows for the SMARTSTEP™ to be picked up and moved as one piece. This makes transitions fast and seamless, which means users can maximize their workout and get in shape even faster.
•The revolutionary non-slip surface provides improved grip yet remains soft on the back and hands, which makes push-ups off the step much more comfortable!
•At just 7.9kgs the lightweight SMARTSTEP™ is not too heavy to lift and the contoured sides make it easy to carry.
•Visual guides on the SMARTSTEP™ surface help improve foot strike and positioning, which aids increased muscle activation.
•With special integration points for bands and tubing low impact step-based resistance training becomes easy and hassle free.
•The circular design allows for easier orientation of the riser and dramatically increases system stability while helping minimise the risk of participant’s feet catching when there is more dynamic movement around the edge of the step.


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